History 2000 to 2010

President: Donna Pozorski  Vice-President: Beverly Winfield
Secretary: Beth Kapp  Treasurer: Claudia Lawrence
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Meyer  Librarian: Rosemary Stieg
Ways and Means: Brenda Watson  Membership: Kris Nagy
Publicity: Sarah Bomberger  Raffle: Pauline Charles
Newsletter: Lois Smith, Helen Ostertag, Kathy Chickey Charity: Christenna Stamm

We started the year with a wide variety of programs planned, but due to some cancellations by presenters and an unprecedented series of weather cancellations, we ended the year with a diffyrent calendar than what we had planned. Programs included a talk and orkwshop by Patricia Kauffman Schreiner (gems, baubles, and beads), a demonstration by member Jan Morrissey (stained glass applique), a trunk show and’ jacket workshop by Marion Mackey of West Chester, and an auction of quilting items conducted by Jesse Ziegler. Proceeds from the auction, totaling $600.00, were donated to Cornwall Manor in appreciation for use of the meeting room.  ‘

Quilters displayed their works at the annual Lebanon HACC display of small quilts in October, at Holiday for Homemakers in November, and at the Farm City Week banquet in December, where large quilts were hung for display. Many guild members participated in monthly charm square exchange, block-of-the-month drawings, birthday club swaps, and secret pals.

The challenge this year was to make a wall hanging using only primary colors and also black and/or white. It was judged in June. Winners received fabric packets.  Winners were:  1st – Christenna Stamm; 2nd – Bev Winfield 3 rd – Lily Sayson

Opportunities for community service this year included a monetary donation to the York guild to help in making quilts for families of the U.S.S. Cole bombing, and the donation of several boxes of quilting supplies to a visitor from South Africa. We also were invited to participate in the United Way’s Day of Caring to make baby quilts for the Domestic Violence Intervention Shelter in Lebanon.

We made friendship blocks for two long-term guild members, Harriet Fox and Emma Spitler. The women received their blocks in June.

Throughout the year we sold raffle tickets for the plaid quilt. The drawing was held in May and the winner was Sally Boeshore of Annville. We also worked on the Windblown Tulips quilt as our next raffle quilt.

President: Jan Morrissey Vice-President: Donna Williamson
Secretary: Beth Kapp Treasurer: Claudia Lawrence
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Meyer Librarian: Rosemary Stieg
Ways and Means: Pauline Charles/Donna Pozorski
Membership: Sandy Walters
Publicity: Deb Reb Raffle: Laurie Daub
Newsletter: Helen Ostertag, Susan Smith, Rosemary Stieg
Charity: Claudia Lawrence

Programs: Our guest speakers included Wendy Etzel of the Williamsport area, Carol Blevins of York, and Barbara Garrett, quilt historian.  We also had a show and tell of first/last quilts and an auction of quilt-related donations. Money raised in the auction was donated to Cornwall Manor in appreciation for the use of the meeting room.

Quilters displayed their works at the Holiday program at the Expo Center in November, and at the Farm City Week banquet in December, where the community service quilts were hung for display. Many guild members participated in monthly charm square exchange, block-of-the-month drawings, birthday club swaps, and secret pals.

The challenge this year was to make a miniature quilt, based on the theme “It’s a Small WorId.”   Winners were: 1 st – Kay Houck, 1 year membership in guild; 2nd – Nancy Sunderland, fabric pack; 3rd – Louise Bell, fabric pack

Our community service project this year was the making Hugs and Kisses quilts for Lebanon county Hospice volunteers.  We also were invited to participate in the United Way’s Day of Caring to make baby quilts for the Domestic Violence Intervention Shelter in Lebanon.

Raffle quilt winner of Windblown Tulips was Joenen Rakow of Lebanon.

Next raffle quilt: We worked on blocks for the Rosebud quilt, which will be our next raffle quilt.

President: Jan Morrissey Vice-President: Donna Sherk
Secretary: Beth Kapp   Treasurer: Louise Bell
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Cantrell   Librarian: Rosemary Stieg
Ways and Means: Pauline Charles, Donna Pozorski
Membership: Sandy Walters
Publicity: Deb Reb    Raffle: Kay Houck, Donna Sherk
Newsletter: Helen Ostertag, Heather Beard, Rosemary Stieg     Charity: Claudia Lawrence

Programs:   Speakers included guild members Rose Hershey speaking on watercolor quilts, Beth Kapp and Louise Bell speaking on the “Dear Jane” Civil War era quilt, as well as nationally known speaker/teacher Karen Buckley presenting “To Border or Not to Border”, Diane Holmes presenting a trunk show, Donna Poster presenting “Foldy Stuff’, and Judy Gunter speaking on the history of quilts from the mid-1800’s to the 1960’s.

Optional on-going activities included charm square exchange, block-of-the-month swaps, fat quarter swaps, and secret pals. The community service quilts made for Lebanon firefighters were displayed at the Farm City Week banquet in December and presented to the firefighters in January. Many members assisted in making small quilts for the Domestic Violence Intervention shelter again this year, by participating in the United Way’s Day of Caring project.

Our next community service projects will involve making wall hangings for the Lebanon Women’s Health Center in Lebanon, as well as baby quilts for the visiting nurse of the Elks club.

The challenge this year was called Quiltmaker’s Gift, based on the book by the same name. Members could purchase a fat quarter for $1.00 and had to use that fabric in their project. The other requirement was that the finished project had to be given away as a gift.  Winners were:   1 st – Donna Doberstein; 2nd – Kitty Zackey; 3rd – Rose Hershey.  Donna and Kitty received gift certificates to Rose Hershey’s shop, while Rose received a bundle of fat quarters as the prizes.

Raffle: We worked during the year on the Rosebud quilt, which will be our next raffle quilt.

2004 – 2005
President: Donna Sherk Vice President: Lois Hossler
Secretary: Kay Houck Treasurer: Louise Bell
Corresponding Secretary: Ann Davis Newsletter: Rosemary Stieg
Membership: Sandy Walters Library: Rosemary Stieg / Beth Kapp
Raffle: Kim Juliani Hospitality: Theresa Chasko
Community Service: Claudia Lawrence Publicity: Heather Beard
Secret Pals: Kim Juliani Saturday Workshops: Karen Stevens
Retreat: Rose Ann Dushel / Sandy Haverstraw
Ways and Means: Pauline Charles / Donna Pozurski

Programs:  Speakers: Kris Dressen “Feedsacks and the Quilt Bus”; Jeannie Campbell Herring: Stain Glass and Celtic Quilting; Carol Hillegas: “Threads”; Cathy Miller: “Folksinger”; Cathy Morin: “Square in a Square”; Claudia Lawrence: “Trunk Show”; Past guild presidents were honored and received pins.

Optional on-going activities included charm square exchange, secret pals, fabric and block exchange, birthday swap. The community service quilts, Elks Nurses, 58 quilts were made for children 0 to 5 years. We also made quilts for the Women’s Health Center. Many members participated in United Way’s Day of Caring by making children’s quilts for Domestic Violence Intervention.

Our next Community Service Project will be The Little Angel Project—travel pillow with a small toy for children with cancer, ages 18 months to 16-18 years. 100 pillowcases are needed. Also, 38 quilts are needed for the Twin Spruce Nursing Home.

The challenge for this year was called: “Fortune Cookie”: Interpreting a quilt from the saying in a fortune cookie. Winners were: 1st: Donna Pozorski; 2nd: Maureen Light; Honorable mentions:  Kathy Chicky, Sue Smith and Pauline Charles

Out 1st Annual Quilt Retreat was held at Camp Swatara. 31 members registered for the retreat. The retreat was a big success and it was decided that we would continue to have an annual retreat.

We also had several guild members enter the Lebanon County Fair and receive ribbons. They were Pauline Charles, Maggie Culbert, Maureen Light and Kitty Zackey.

Our raffle quilt “Rosebud” was won by Joan Thomas, a guild member.

President: Donna Sherk Vice President: Lois Hossler
Secretary: Patty Frazier Treasurer: Kay Houck
Corresponding Secretary: Ann Davis Saturday Workshop: Karen Stevens
Newsletter: Rosemary Stieg Hospitality: Theresa Chesko
Membership: Sandy Walters Secret Pal: Kim Juliani
Retreat: Kay Houck / Maureen Light Library: Connie Yeagley / Rosemary Stieg
Ways and Means: Pauline Charles / Donna Pozarski

Programs:  Carol Blevins: “Quilting Your Quilts”. Workshop on designing quilt designs; Ann Davis, Maureen Light, Claudia Lawrence, Theresa Chasko, Donna Pozarski:  “ Round Robin”; Pauline Charles: “Trunk Show”; George and Virginia Sicilliano: “Trunk Show”; Carol Weiderspan: Wearable Quilted Garments with a Workshop Making Purse; Donna Albert: “Seeds of Inspiration: A Legacy”; Jan Morrissey: Two classes: Stained Glass and Mark Lipinski

Optional on-going activities included: charm squares exchange, Secret Pals, fabric exchange and birthday swap. The Community Service quilts for Twin Spruce Nursing Home were displayed at the Farm City Week Banquet in December and presented to the residents. Many members assisted in making small quilts for The Domestic Violence Intervention Shelter, by participating in The United Way’s Day of Caring.  Our next community service project will involve making 25 quilts for the residents at The Renova Center as well as “The Little Angel” travel pillow project.

The guild participated in the gathering of guilds in February 2005. Kim Juliani and Marsh Dohner had prepared kits for a “Take and Go Project”.

Guild elections were held with the following members elected to office:   President: Patty Frazier; Vice President: Kim Juliani; Secretary: Betsy Ross;  Treasurer: Kay Houck; Corresponding Secretary: Ann Davis

The challenge this year was interpreting your initials into a quilt. Winners received gift certificates to Rose Hershey’s Shop. Winner included: Maggie Culbert: 1st Place; Pauline Charles: 2nd Place; Christenna Stamm: 3rd Place; Claudia Lawrence: 4th Place

Our 2nd annual retreat was held at Camp Swatara with 40 members participating. The first Saturday Sew was held at Grace United Church.

Charms – Maggie Culbert; Ways & Mean – Pauline Charles and Donna Pozorski; Retreat – Donna Sherk & Donna Pozorski
Publicity – Christenna Stamm; Membership- Sandy Walters; Saturday workshops – Amy Wissinger; Newsletter – Rosemary Stieg

PROGRAMS: Our Guest speakers for the year were Jane Townswick, Cathy Miller – folk singer, Rachel Pellman and trunk shows given by our members were: Donna Pozorski, Kitty Zackey and Pauline Charles. Workshops consisted of make&take it ornaments and several quilt techniques were shown.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: We had three projects completed this year. They were Angel Pillows were made for children with cancer, DVI quilts for the United Way and we made bedsize quilts(68×90) for the Renova Center who care for the mentally challenged and physically disabled.  We also gave our collection of toiletries in December and Food donations in May to the Lebanon County Ministries.

NEWSLETTER:  In August, Rosemary Stieg began e-mailing the newsletter to those who have access and those who didn’t, could pick up a copy at the meeting.

CAMP SWATERA  RETREAT: Donna Pozorski and Donna Sherk chaired this retreat with a good response of 45-46 members wanting to go and was decided by a lottery draw. A good time was had by all.

CORNWALL BAZAAR & AUCTION: Kim Juliani chaired this money maker and had members make crafts for the Bazaar that earned $800 for the Manor.

QUILT SHOW: Amy Wissinger and Maureen Light chaired our first show in many years and had many members volunteering their time and effort to make our first show a success and even earn us a profit. Our aim was to be an educational endeavor and to show the talents of our guild members.

CONGRATULATIONS:  Our Guild had many members who had won ribbons for their quilts at the Farm Show, Lancaster Show, and the  Paducah Shows.

RAFFLE QUILT: Louise Bell pieced an off center Log Cabin Quilt which had members helping make the squares, for a money making project. It was to have the winning draw at the Dec. 2007 meeting. The quilt was won by Vivian Mayopoulous, with Barbar Hertzog the seller of the winning ticket.

CHALLENGE WINNERS: The challenge for the year was based on your favorite dessert. The winners were:  First place- Pauline Charles; Second Place- Donna Pozorski; and Third place went to Kathy Eby.

OFFICERS:  President – Patty Frazier; Recording Secretary – Betsy Ross; Vice Pres – Kim Juliani; Corresponding Secretary – Heather Beard; Treasurer – Kay Houck

COMMITTEES:   BOM – Kathy Chickey/Jill Laudermilch; Programs – Kim Juliani; Charms- Maggie Culbert; Publicity – Christenna Stamm; Community Service – Maureen Light; Quilt Show – Amy Wissinger/Maureen Light; Hospitality – Kathy Eby/Capri Nolt ; Retreat Patty Frazier/Kathy Chickey; Library – Donna Sherk; Sat Workshops – Amy Wissinger; Membership – Sandy Walters;                     Ways&Means – Pauline Charles/Shirley Rudd; Newsletter – Rosemary Stieg

PROGRAMS:  Susan Kline-Underground Rail Road; Betty Neff-Heirloom look in quilts; Barbara Lenox-using Large scale prints; Two Quirky Quilters; Valeria Hill-fabric dying and painting;Sandy Schuler-printing on fabric; Pauline Charles-Stack-n-wack.  Workshops: Four workshops were schduled for this year with a good response to all of them.  Block of the Month- dus to the lack of interest in Secret Pals, it will be replaced by Block of the Month. Kathy Chickey and Jill Laudermilch chair this committee.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Our President-Patty Frazier challenged the guild to make 300 DVI quilts by the May presentation. A total of 343 quilts were made and four drawings were given out.  1. Free Membership-Dawn Machnett     2. $50 gift certificate-Betty Ferraro         3. $50 gift certificate-Lynn Hammersmith   4. $25 gift certificate-Joanne Herr.   Pauline Charles and Carol Mauer have chaired this committee for many years and appreciated the great response that they received this year.

QUILT SHOW:  Amy Wissinger and Maureen Light chaired this committee and we had a great success and many members being involved in its success. We made a profit of $454 and had amny of our members’ quilts on display. Viewer’s Choice Awards went to:     1st Place-Kay Stevens        2nd Place-Nancy Irwin        3rd Place-Donna Doberstein.  The silent Auction brought in $1800 with Claudia Lawrence’s wall hanging earning the most at $202. With the small profit that was made, we donated $500 to the Lettie Schadler Scholarship Fund.  The Guild is anxious to have a quilt show next year with the same persons volunteering to chair. The Feature Section of the show has been changed to a Victorian Theme with the emphasis on crazy quilts.

RAFFLE QUILT:  A committee has been formed to come up with two quilts to be raffled off for a fund raiser. Those that volunteered were: Maureen Light, Kathy Chickey, Rosemary Stieg, and Christenna Stamm. The pattern they chose is a star and snowball.  One quilt will be machine quilted and one will be hand quilted by the members.

RETREAT:  Patty Frazier and Kathy Chickey are co-chairs for our annual retreat at Camp Swatara on October 31-November 2. Sign-up was at the April and May meeting and it looks like all will be able to attend without a lottery draw.

MEMBERSHIP:  Sandy Walters reported that our membership has grown from 126 members last year to 143 this year.


OFFICERS:  President–Kim Juliani; Recording Secretary–Sandy Haverstraw; Vice President/Programs–Kathy Shaheen; Corresponding Secretary–Kay Houck; Treasurer–Deb Reb

COMMITTEES:  Block-of-Month–Kathy Chickey & Jill Laudermilch; Charms–Amy Wissinger; Community Service–Susan Commisso;  Fabric Exchange/Membership–Sandy Walters; Historian–Rosemary Stieg; Hospitality–Cathy Eby & Brenda Hicksenheiser; Librarian–Donna Sherk; New Member Packs–Rosemary Stieg; Newsletter–Rosemary Stieg; Publicity–Christenna Stamm; Quilt Show–Amy Wissinger & Maureen Light; Retreat–Lynn Hammersmith, Elaine Brandt, Annette Sattazahn & Jill Laudermilch; Saturday Sew–Marsha Dohner; Ways & Means–Pauline Charles & Shirley Rudd

PROGRAMS:  Donna Clauer – A Journey in Fiber Art; Judy Gunter – Antique Doll Quilts; Mary Zesiger – The Fives Lives of Reverse Applique;  Gyleen Fitgerald – Art of Color-Blending; Didi Salvatori – Basket Quilts Trunk Show; Patricia Gardner – Handkerchieg Quilts.

WORKSHOPS:  There were four workshops scheduled for this year with good attendance.   The classes were given by Donna Clauer, Mary Zesiger, Didi Salvatore and Gyleen Fitzgerald.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH:  The Block-of-the-month was put together by Kathy Chickey and Jill Laudermilch.  Blocks pattern was taken from “quilterscache.com”.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  The guild members had made the following quilts and pillowcases:  160 pillowcases to Stryker Brigade; 128 pillowcases to Operation Support; 5 patriotic quilts to Lebanon VA hospital for the wounded soldiers; 6 patriotic quilts to the Quilts of Valor Program; 14 quilts to the Home of the Brave Program and 140 quilts for Domestic Violence Intervention.

QUILT SHOW:   Another great success for the guild Quilt Show chaired by Amy Wissinger and Maureen Light.  The viewers’ choice was won by Kitty Zackey.   The silent auction earned $1,060 for the guild.  In addition, There were two dozen quilts of guild members hung and displayed at the Farm-City Banquet coordinated by Claudia Lawrence.

RAFFLE QUILT:  The raffle quilt was put together by Christenna  Stamm, Maureen Light, Rosemary Stieg, and Kathy Chickey and was hand quilted by Maggie Culbert.

RETREAT:  Patty  Frazier, Kathy Chickey and Betsy Ross handled the retreat at Camp Swatara in Nov 2009.

MEMBERSHIP:  The membership total was 143.

OFFICERS:  President–Kim Juliani; Recording Secretary–Myrna Todd; Vice President/Programs–Kathy Shaheen;                   Corresponding Secretary–Kay Houck; Treasurer–Deb Reb

COMMITTEES:  Block-of-Month–Emily Shaheen; New Member Packs–Rosemary Stieg; Charms–Amy Wissinger; Newsletter–Rosemary Stieg; Community Service–Susan Commisso;  Publicity–Christenna Stamm; Fabric Exchanges–Sandy Walters; Quilt Show–Amy Wissinger/Maureen Light; Historian–Rosemary Stieg; Retreat–Lynn Hammersmith/Elaine Brant; Hospitality–Pam Lutz; Annette Sattizahn/Jill Laudermilch; Librarian–Donna Sherk; Ways & Means–April Sabia/ Ann Davis; Membership–Sandy Walters

PROGRAMS:  Susan Ball Faeder – Japanese Tradition, Textiles Trunk show; Susan Paul – Scrap-Tacular;  Donna Rubert – Piecing the Past, Red and Green; Jackie Gauker – Quilter Palette; Cathy Miller – Folk Singer; Eleanor Levie – Not for Just Mother’s Day.

WORKSHOPS:  There were 4 workshops scheduled for this year with good attendance.   The classes were given by  Susan Faeder,  Donna Ruber,  Pauline Charles, and Cathy Miller.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH:  Block patterns was taken from “quilterscache.com” by Marcia Hohn.   The annual quilt challenge was  “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed,  and something blue” chaired by Kathy Shaheen. The winner was Pauline Charles, 2nd to Kitty Zackey and 3rd to Maggie Culbert .

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  The guild’s support this year provided quilts and pillowcases.  The totals:  61 quilts for Domestic Violence Intervention; 2 quilts of Valor; 32 pillowcases for deployed troops in Iraq/Afghanistan;  31 quilts for Home of the Brave; 284 pillowcases for Conkerr Cancer patients;  and 79 quilts for the Haitian Orphanage in Haiti.

QUILT SHOW:   Another great success for the guild Quilt Show chaired by Amy Wissinger and Maureen Light.  Over half of the guild members participated in the show. The silent auction had earned $2,543.13.  The guild donated $500 to Alletta M. Shader Scholarship fund and another $500 to Lebanon County Penn State Cooperative Extension Service as a gesture of appreciation top be used toward their electric bill.  The guild also participated in displaying guild member’s quilts at Farm City Banquet in Nov, 2009.

RAFFLE QUILT:  The guild raffle quilt called “Serenity” was won by Christene Marshall. The winning ticket was sold by Deb Klein. The next raffle quilt will be using Batik fabrics.

RETREAT: The Fall retreat was held at Camp Swatara and was coordinated by Jill Laudermilch, Lynn Hammersmith, Elaine Brandt and Annette Sattazahn.  A good time was had by all attendees.

MEMBERSHIP:   The membership total as of May 2010 was 145 members.

OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  This year guild had created Sunshine Fund which will allocate money/flowers for any member losing an immediate family member.  The guild newsletter adopted a new name- The Patchwork Press which was won by Peg Samsek  in the Newsletter-name-contest.  Newsletter also took on a new format this year. Creation of  the new guild website is in progress.



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