Charm Squares

Charm Theme — August, 2016 thru June, 2017

Who isn’t hungry for a good sandwich?

2016-2017:   THE SANDWICH

Aug  – PINK Virginia baked ham

Sept – dark BROWN pumpernickel bread

Oct –  ORANGE cheddar cheese

Nov –  PURPLE sliced onion

Dec –   YELLOW peppers

Jan –    RED sliced tomato

Feb –   GREEN lettuce

Mar –   GOLDEN mustard

Apr –   WHITE (on white) mayonnaise

May –  BLACK(print) olives for garnish

June – BLUEberry pie for dessert




‘CHARM’ing Thoughts to Remember:

  1. Always use 100% cotton fabric, washed, ironed and carefully cut.
  2. Please participate in our lottery: In addition to your regular charms sets, cut and bring at least one extra 5” square in a different fabric from what you brought to exchange. It does not have to be the color of the month (but no solid colors). One lucky charms exchange participant will receive 25-30 additional charms each month!
  3. Please read and follow the instructions for cutting your charms.   Charm square rules, history, patterns and books


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