2022-2023 Programs

November speaker: Candace Hassen.

 Monday,Nov. 7  At CCMS

Her lecture via zoom is titledInspiration“.

Candace will show 20 large quilts and share how she got the idea for each one; along with the strategies she used to stay organized, get things finished and have fun while creating.  Also, she will explain the reason behind her design decisions.  She hopes to help us see the world around us with fresh eyes and be inspired by so much more than just other quilts.  She loves hearing from those who have seen her program; that she inspired them and made them feel like they could do it!
Candace will be doing a workshop via Zoom entitled “A Maze Zing” at Juniper Village, Tuesday, November 8th.
This quilt started as a variation on a jelly roll race.  Students will practice on measuring and attaching borders.This pattern can make a very contemporary quilt quickly, but also works well with traditional fabrics create a classic look.  Color placement can produce a scrappy look or you can choose controlled color placement.  Check out her website: quiltdesignsbycandace.com 
You can still sign up for this workshop!  Contact Cheryl @ 717 ~ 933 ~ 4071 or brucemaulfair@gmail.com.    More is merrier!!!!

December speaker: Christenna Stamm.

Monday, Dec. 5 At CCMS

Christeena will present a program entitled “Come play with me…”

Learning to play…..with colored pencils, inks and Paintstiks, to create and enhance colors and textures on fabrics.  Have you ever wanted to add a bit of a highlight or shadow on a project?  Add a background or create texture on a piece? There are so many ways to do this.  I hope you will venture out to play and try your hand at creating  a unique one of a kind project.
Christenna will show some of her work and then we’ll have a 20 min. or so class to do our own hands on work.
She will have a sample of the Dec. project at the Nov. meeting.
If you want to participate you will need to sign up at the Nov. meeting.
Each student will receive a piece of stamped fabric (NO DRAWING IS REQUIRED) and 4 Paintstiks that are yours to take with you!
There is NO charge, but sign up is needed to provide enough supplies.
If you are not at the Nov. meeting but want to join the fun, call Cheryl at 717 ~ 933 ~ 4071 or brucemaulfair@gmail.com  by Nov. 11.

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