Community Service Projects

All quilts we do for Community Service need to have a “made especially for you by The Lebanon Quilters Guild” label on them.  You can pick up these labels any month from Kim Chiusano at the Community Service table.  Include the number of  labels you need, as well as your address and she will mail them to you.  If you cannot attend a meeting, email Kim and include the number of labels you need, as well as your mailing address.  Kim Chiusano:

 Community Service Label Instructions

Labels for DVI Mom Quilts

Ongoing community service projects:

1.  DVI (Domestic Violence Intervention) Quilts:

Our guild has been donating quilts to DVI for the last 20+ years, averaging approximately 100 quilts/year.   We usually have a workshop every April but accept quilts all year long.  You can make any pattern you choose in any colors you choose.  We ask that the quilts be approximately 45”x60” for children, and if you are so inclined, in recent years we find the Mom’s are using them as well.   Adult lap quilts approximately 50″x70″ or thereabouts are just fine.

If you need an easy pattern to make a DVI quilt perfect for boys or girls, please find:
1.       A very simple one HERE
2.      NINE very simple 3 yard quilt patterns HERE
3.      Here’s a very easy pattern from project Linus.  The Spectacle Quilt

4.     DVI Roman Stripe             5.        DVI Simple Rail Fence

5. The ‘Positive Effect’ Quilt:

6.  The ‘Make the Connection’ Quilt:

7.  The ‘Square Knot’ Quilt:

8.  A Great ‘I Spy’ Quilt:

 2.  Bundles for Babies program for the GAP

We are making 36”x36” baby quilts for wives of GAP servicemen deployed overseas.
This is an ongoing project of the guild, as the need is for about 10-15/per month.
The size is small as a variety of products must fit into a Priority Mail box.
You may use any panel, quilt block or any design you choose. Boy colors, girls colors,neutral colors or even patriotic colors. What a great way to support our Military!!

In addition to using whatever design and/or pattern of your liking to make the 36″x 36″ quilts for the Bundles For Babies program at the GAP, Laura Stephens has adapted Pauline Charles’  basic 4 patch pattern to accommodate the Bundle For Babies quilts.

The adapted 4 patch instructions for a Bundles for Babies quilt
Fabric Amounts:
1. 1/2 Yard focus fabric
2. 1/4 yard each of TWO coordinating fabrics
3. 2 Yards for borders, backing and binding
4. Batting

Sewing Instructions:
1. From the focus fabric cut eight 8 1/2″ squares.
2. From the coordinating fabrics cut two 4 1/2″ strips each
3. Sew one of each of the two coordinating fabrics together and press seam.
4. Cut these two strips into 4 1/2″ pieces.
5. Sew these pieces together to make 81/2″ checkerboard squares. Press.
6. Alternate these pieces with the focus fabric squares, pressing the seams toward the focus fabric square.
7. Cut 21/2″ strips for the borders and attach.
8. Quilt and bind. Don’t forget your ‘Made Especially for you by the Lebanon Quilters Guild label,’ please.
This makes a perfect 36″ square Bundles for Babies quilt.

LABELS: If you need ‘Made Especially for you by the Lebanon Quilters Guild’ labels,
(and each and every quilt should have one on the back)

Please contact:Kim Chiusano:

We are additionally making burp cloths to include in the box. You can make them from any quilting cotton fabrics you have or co-ordinbate them with the quilt you are making.  They are quick and easy to make. Make as many as you wish.
In addition: please find burp cloth patterns below:


*scroll way down the page to see a video and then the instructions


3.  us&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=-90xB9S2hq6ZwM%252CDQ2qRcZgk5TzvM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kS3vRZVWFMapM8bGPCTjCsVIuamwA&ved=2ahUKEwj6jJff4MHsAhXZlXIEHRedDboQ9QF6BAgDECE&biw=1261&bih=1558#imgrc=NXk-EBb56s_2XM

*This link has a jillion patterns. Some you pay for and some are free.

There are just so many so pick the one you like.

3.   Pillow Case Project:

Our guild has been making pillowcases for Pediatric Oncology at the Hershey Medical Center for about 5 years now. In that time, not counting the donations we get from shops and other guilds, we have donated just over 10,000 cases. This is something to be proud of–bringing a small amount of joy to children with serious medical problems.

A YouTube video to make a pillowcase with enclosed seams can be found here:

Instructions to make a pillowcase with enclosed seams can be found here:

Washed Pillowcase Tags:  washed pillowcase tags

For Cornwall Manor:

baked potato bag:

neck warmer:

hanging kitchen towels w/fabric or knit/crochettop:

Walker bags: or Adult

Bibs: or or

  Kitchen Boas: What is a Kitchen Boa? It’s a towel, a potholder, and a fashion statement! These versatile and oh-so-cute towels that you wear around your neck like a boa have so many uses in the kitchen!

Potholders:  Everybody needs them. Why not make them cute.  Check on Pinterest or here are a few simple patterns:

25 Free Potholder Patterns:

Shoulder/Back Rice bags:
From Sally Renda: **WORD document attached to this email.   If you can’t get the Document into the website as a link, forget it as it does not have a photo anyway.

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