History 2010 to 2017

OFFICERS:  President–Kathy Shaheen; Recording Secretary–Brenda Hicksenheiser; Vice President/Programs– Elaine Brandt; Corresponding Secretary–Cathy Eby; Treasurer–Faye Adams; Member-at-Large–Pauline Charles

COMMITTEES: Block-of-Month–Emily Shaheen; Membership–Emily Shaheen and Claudia Lawrence; New Member Packs–Rosemary Stieg; Charms–Amy Wissinger; Newsletter–Rosemary Stieg; Community Service–Susan Commisso; Publicity–Kathy Foltz; Fabric Exchanges–Sandy Walters; Quilt Show–Amy Wissinger/Maureen Light; Historian–Rosemary Stieg; Retreat–Elaine Brandt/Jill Laudermilch/Lynn Hammersmith; Hospitality–Jan Morrissey Lynn Hammersmith; Librarian–Donna Sherk; Ways & Means–Kim Juliani

PROGRAMS: Gyleen Fitzgerald – Art of Color Blending; Denise Delp – New Tools of the Trade; Donna Rupert – Story Quilts; JoAnne Herr and Annette Sattazahn – Trunk Show; Sue Suhre – Invisible Applique by Machine; Michele McLaughlin – Project Sunway.

WORKSHOPS:  There were two workshops scheduled for this year with good attendance.  Gyleen Fitzgerald – Pyramid of Colors and Donna Dupert – A Variable Star.  There was one Sit ‘N Sew day scheduled.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH:  The block pattern for the entire year was the Whirligig with different colors for each month.

CHARMS:  The theme for this year’s charms was a CHARM-ing Flock of Fine Feather Friends.

QUILT CHALLENGE:  The challenge was to make a quilt with only three colors – Black and White and Red all over.  First place – Pam Lutz and Second Place – Kim Loar.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  The Guild donated the following quilts and pillowcases:  109 quilts to Domestic Violence Intervention; 316 pillowcases to ConKerr Cancer; 1 Quilt of Valor; 50 quilts to Japanese relief efforts; 49 quilts to Philhaven Hospital

QUILT SHOW:  Amy Wissinger and Maureen Light chaired another successful Quilt Show.  The Guild donated $400 to Alletta M. Schadler Scholarship fund.  The Guild also displayed member’s quilts at the Farm City Banquet in November 2010.

RETREAT: The Fall retreat was held at Camp Swatara on Nov 5-7 and was coordinated by Elaine Brandt, Jill Laudermilch, and Lynn Hammersmith.  The theme was “Paradise.”

MEMBERSHIP:  The membership total as of May 2011 was 145 members.

OFFICERS:  President–Kathy Shaheen; Recording Secretary–Brenda Hicksenheiser; Vice President/Programs – Elaine Brandt; Corresponding Secretary – Cathy Eby; Treasurer – Faye Adams; Member-at-Large – Pauline Charles.

COMMITTEES:  Block-of-Month – Doug Wilson; Membership – Emily Kreps; Charms – Amy Wissinger; New Member PackS – Rosemary Stieg; Community Service – Susan Commisso; Newsletter – Rosemary Stieg; Fabric Exchanges – Sandy Walters Publicity – Kathy Foltz; Historian – .Rosemary Stieg; Quilt Show – Amy Wissinger/Maureen Light; Hospitality – Jan Morrissey Retreat – Cathy Eash/Sandy Walters; Librarian – Donna Sherk; Ways & Means – Mary Weigley/Linda Rohland

PROGRAMS:   Donna Moore – Machine Quilting/Home Machine;  Becky Enny – Trunk Show; Jo Garvin – Strip Quilts; Christenna Stamm – Life Is a Challenge and Mine Is UFOs; Jerri McKee – Boutique Quality Sweatshirts

WORKSHOPS:  Jo Garvin presented a workshop on strip quilts.  The technique was used for many of the quilts made for the Lebanon VA Medical Center Hospice Unit.  There were two Sit ‘N Sew dates.  Faye Adams presented a demonstration on fabric bowls at one session and Connie Wilson presented a class on Dorset buttons at the second session.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH:  Block patterns were taken from Marsha McCloskey’s book, Block Party.  The response to the patterns was very positive as evidenced by the number of members who participated.

CHARMS:  The theme for the fabrics was Native Charmers.

QUILT CHALLENGE:  The annual quilt challenge was blues and anything from white to brown.  First place – Kim Loar, Second place – Pauline Charles, and Third place – Jill Laudermilch.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  The Guild donated the following quilts and pillowcases – 104 quilts to Domestic Violence Intervention;  290 pillowcases to Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital; 2 Quilts of Valor;  58 quilts to the Lebanon VA Medical Center Hospice Unit

QUILT SHOW:  Another successful Guild Quilt Show was chaired by Amy Wissinger and Maureen Light.  Many members participated in the show.  The Guild also participated in displaying members’ quilts at the Farm City Banquet which was held in November 2011.

RETREAT: The Fall retreat was held at Camp Swatara on Nov 4-6 and was coordinated by Cathy Eash and Sandy Walters.

MEMBERSHIP:  The membership total as of May 2012 was 160 members.

WEBSITE:  The structure and functionality of the website continues to be a work in progress.

OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  A Long-Range Planning Committee was organized this year.  The Committee obtained a Tax ID number for the Guild.  It is working on establishing a not-for-profit status for the Guild.  The Committee also recommended and the general membership approved a $400 unrestricted donation to Cornwall Manor since it does not charge the Guild for use of the meeting room.  An Education Committee was organized and will begin its duties this summer.

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