Meetings and Guild Activities

Are you a new member or are you considering visiting the Lebanon Quilters Guild?  Arriving at a room full of ladies busy doing many activities can be confusing.  We would like to help prepare you for your visit with us.

Meetings begin at 6:30 pm.  There are several tables set up in the back of the cafeteria.  They each have a function:

1. Membership – If you are visiting, we will ask you to sign in.   There is a small $5 fee for attendance.

2. Speaker Sales – If we are hosting a speaker and they have items for sale, this is where you will find those items available for purchase.

3. Community Service – This is where we offer a collection of fabrics to be used in the making of our current community service projects, and also where you can drop off your finished project.

4.  Ways and Means  – We sell raffle tickets for a basket of goodies, as well as guild totes, guild pins and used magazines.

5.  Charms – We collect and swap 5-inch charm squares.  Charm square information.65. Birthday Club – We gift the birthday club members, whose birthday is in the current month, with fat quarters of their selected fabric type.

7. Donations – We hold various fundraisers throughout the year, including our corner at the Shop at Millers and our boutique at our Exposition of Quilts.  Donations of finished quilted projects can be dropped off at this table.